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When Do Most Breakups Happen?

If you've ever been curious -- or want to predict your fate -- here are times when people are breaking up most often, according to Facebook. Keep in mind, these times are when relationship statuses change so my guess is the actual breakup "peak times" are happening right after Valentine's Day and just before Thanksgiving.

Hmm, I wonder why those tho holidays?


How Past Relationships Can Empower Your Future Ones

Let's talk about two things you'll need to do if you will ever move forward in your life.

And find someone to move forward with.

Have you ever watched the TV show Taboo? It’s a really interesting show that talks about the the most fascinating, controversial things that some people and cultures do.

They had one episode where they showed various cultures' way of celebrating a boys “transition to manhood.”

Some really crazy stuff.

However, in their culture, it’s a requirement or else your life as a man will not be “pure.”

To be “pure” in the present and future, you need to release the “toxins” of the past.

News regarding Breakup Recovery

It's time to close the wound and move forward.After recovering from the flu and reading emails from you guys for the past week, I’ll post this short message.

It’s clear to me that there isn’t any solid material on recovering from a breakup. We focus so much of our time on getting into relationships when there are just as many people out there getting OUT of them.

I’ve literally had one of my new clients have incredible breakthroughs with his recent ex and I talked to him literally days before.

Some Thoughts About Breakup Recovery

After reading the emails from guys trying to recover from their breakup, I’m thinking I'll to do a special Breakup Recovery group.

I can probably give 100% attention to about 15 people and keep a high level of service.

That’s only 0.2% of this month’s readers -- which looks crazy -- but I seriously can’t take on any more than that.

Let me share a few things about the emails I got over the past week.