Some Thoughts About Breakup Recovery


After reading the emails from guys trying to recover from their breakup, I’m thinking I'll to do a special Breakup Recovery group.

I can probably give 100% attention to about 15 people and keep a high level of service.

That’s only 0.2% of this month’s readers -- which looks crazy -- but I seriously can’t take on any more than that.

Let me share a few things about the emails I got over the past week.

1. I doesn’t truly surprise me that there are many of you still affected by your ex and aren’t sure how to get over it.

It’s clear there are unresolved issues from your previous relationships that are preventing you from moving forward. 

Trust me when I say I’ve been there.

2. The most common issue I saw is you don’t know what to do. You “try” to do things as a way to feel like you’re being proactive but the lack of direction doesn’t make your efforts effective, causing more frustration -- it’s a crappy cycle.

3. Some of you aren’t even doing anything and expecting things to “figure itself out” over time. Part of you understand it’s not going to work that way, yet you will still do nothing. 

And there’s another part of you that thinks a few words from me is going to make all of the difference. There are clearly limiting beliefs that are crippling your ability to take action.

You will HAVE to put in effort in order to move forward in your life -- and it won’t be easy. Some of you have been out of the game for nearly 10 years. 

Some of you have kids and your life’s priorities have changed, which affects the decisions you make, professionally, socially and most importantly, romantically.

The game isn’t the same for everyone -- which leads to the next point.

4. Whatever you used to think worked, doesn’t work anymore. Dating other people just to do it, distracting yourself with meaningless activities no longer will do the job. You need a strategy, tailored to your position in life -- in 2012.

5. The shining light in all of this is most people understand how much work is required to fully recover from their breakup. Although some of you still think there’s a magic pill for this (and I replied by telling you how hopeless you’ll be if you kept thinking that way), most of you know this is going to take action, persistence and perseverance.

It won’t be easy -- but it will be totally worth it.

At the end of the day, letting go of your past and moving forward freely in your life is important to you and you’re willing to invest the time and energy in making that happen.

So, here’s what I’m thinking of doing.

If the people I work with are from all over the country, there will need to be a way for all us to be together “in one room.” You will be in a special group and I think it’ll be important for your development to know people who are walking a similar path as you.

I’m not sure how I will do this -- it could be a live event, private webinar or teleconference. 

Also, the quality of the people in the group will determine everything. If the quality isn’t there, I’ll consider not doing this and go in a different direction that’s more effective.

And speaking of quality, I don’t plan on doing this program half-assed. This has been something I’ve been working on for years now and having implemented many of the Breakup Recovery strategies with current clients, I know this will be valuable for the right people.

That means this program will take tons of time for me and the people who’ll join this group.

So to put this together, the program will need to be a powerful combination of great people who will actually work hard and not just say they will (you’ll be wasting everyone’s time) and dialogue which will include some type of 1-on-1 coaching, possible group support and other custom service in your Breakup Recovery.

So I have a question for you.

I’ve already heard about your unique situations. What are the 3 things that would make this program the best ever for you? Phone calls? In person consultation? Helping you find out what specific things are holding you back? Email access? Online dating support? Detailed worksheets and exercises?

These answers will help me decide how to make this program the most effective for you.

Send your answers to me at Put “Breakup Recovery” in the subject and I’ll look out for your email.

The great thing about this is those who join the program will get some of the best strategies for recovering from a breakup. These will be the same strategies I used to recover from my own breakups and help many of my clients recover as well -- to where one got engaged.

If you search online, you won’t find much quality material on Breakup Recovery so I’m excited to share this.

It’s important to know that as much as I’d love to do this for free, I need to be honest and tell you this program won’t be free. Lots of what I put on the blog is better than much of the advice you’d pay for elsewhere -- and the blog will always be free.

But I just literally can’t work with everyone 1-on-1 for free.

For those who want this program, it will be an investment. I’ll be putting forth all my effort and resources into this program. For the people who are ready to invest into themselves, I’ll get them amazing results.

I look forward to hearing from you.