News regarding Breakup Recovery


It's time to close the wound and move forward.After recovering from the flu and reading emails from you guys for the past week, I’ll post this short message.

It’s clear to me that there isn’t any solid material on recovering from a breakup. We focus so much of our time on getting into relationships when there are just as many people out there getting OUT of them.

I’ve literally had one of my new clients have incredible breakthroughs with his recent ex and I talked to him literally days before.

So I’ve decided to create my first program to help your recover from a breakup. There’s no real name for it -- it’s just Breakup Recovery.

I’m going to put in all of my resources to make this incredibly personal and effective for the small group who I bring on to this program.

Tomorrow, I’m going to give one more piece of free material on Breakup Recovery (for now -- there will be much more later on).

On Friday, I’ll share the details of the 1:1 Breakup Recovery program. It’s a highly-dedicated program that won’t be for everyone, so if it sounds interesting to you, great!

If you’re not, it’s cool -- don’t worry about it. There will be more Breakup Recovery material in the coming months.

A friend of mine, who is an amazing photographer, wrote a cool piece that was inspired from the conversation we had when we hung out.

He asked me if being engaged was going to be “bad for business.” Here’s what was wrote.

Thomas Edwards just got engaged. If you know Thomas you’re probably engaged yourself or actively pursuing a path towards love (and lovemaking). A few days ago, we met up for drinks and I half-jokingly asked The Professional Wingman if getting married was “bad for business.” Without skipping a beat, he coolly said, “Being a product of your own service is the ultimate sign of credibility.”


Using Thomas’ example: Let’s imagine you want to hire a personal trainer and meet with two prospects. Trainer #1 has an amazing physique, optimistic attitude and offers a personal story about how fitness is transforming her life. Trainer #2 is overweight, defensive when you ask about it and insistent that his fitness method is the best. Overall, credibility is our belief in the trustworthiness and expertise of the source.

Always keep that in mind when you’re looking for someone to help you achieve your goals.