The Ultimate Guide To Tying ANY Tie (Including Bow Ties)

Chances are this guy didn't tie his own tie.It wasn't until I was in college when I learned how to tie a tie -- on my own.

I could blame my dad for that but he never wears a tie -- he's all about the collarless button-downs. Despite that, he still knows how to tie one.

I only know a handful of people who know how to tie a tie correctly -- and those who do only know one way and stick to it.

There are also those who rarely wear ties or if they do, tie once and leave it tied. And let's not talk about those who still use clip-ons.

None of this is wrong -- except for the clip-ons (Seriously, you should be ashamed. Don't be that lazy).

As men, we should learn not only how to tie a tie but also the various knots you can create. Here, I'll share the 4 most popular knots.

And even if you don't wear ties or have no value for this, you don't want to be the dad who can't teach his son how to tie a tie, do you?

Every Secret to Dating & Sex Answered By Women

Men will do or say anything to give them an excuse why something isn’t possible. Part of my job is to prove them wrong. Thank goodness there is data our there from surveys and online interactions to help my cause. This one comes from Maxim Magazine as they surveyed almost 8,000 women from across the country. Still skeptical? Think of it in numbers:

Fall Fashion Preview & Tips

Summer is ending - officially in a couple weeks. As the temperatures cool and the leaves change color, it’s important that your fashion adjusts to the change of seasons. So put away the linen outfit and start focusing on layering again.

I wrote about the concept of layering last year. It plays a strong role in fall fashion and it allows you to change the way to wear certain things in your closet.

So this year, I want to share three (3) sources that I use to know what’s going to be the look this fall.