Modes of Attraction: Part 2 - Pathos

This is continuation of a three-part series discussing the three modes of attraction, playing off Aristotle’s Modes of Persuasion. Here, you’ll learn the different methods in which attraction is demonstrated.

Part 1: Ethos
Part 2: Pathos
Part 3: Logos

From Aristotle, the pathos mode of persuasion is an appeal to the audience’s emotions. When you think about people like, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, what these guys have in common is their ability to create a positive rapport to and engage a wide variety of people from all over the world. How they do this is by tapping into people’s emotions and creating a strong connection through mutual, relatable experiences. 

Church Tells Members to Have Sex for 7 Days

I just got back from the cafeteria at work to grab a hot chocolate when I came across someone talking about sex on CNN. Clearly, my interest was drawn.

Apparently, there is a church telling their members to go home and have sex for 7 straight days! I couldn't believe it, but then again...there have been worse - if you want to call having sex for 7 straight days a bad thing to begin with.

Well, I had to rush back to my office and find the article online to share with everyone! So here it is, a post on First Coast News by Gary Detman:

Here is the video footage!

DALLAS -- Beginning next weekend, Fellowship Church, a Dallas based mega church with over 20,000 people in attendance, continues a controversial teaching seminar called "Leaving Lust Vegas" that skates the razor-thin line between lust, sex, marriage and family.

And now Pastor Ed Young heightens the controversy with an unprecedented challenge to married couples: Have Seven Days of Sex beginning Nov. 16.

"We want to turn whining into whoopi!" said Young. "With the current financial crises, moral debates on marriage, growing divorce rates, and rampant marital infidelity, marriages and families are under siege; there is a lot of whining going on."

Young is best known for his creative teaching style, dynamic leadership methods and no-holds-barred approach to topics that relate to today such as money, relationships, politics and sex.

"We want married people to see their bedroom for what it is - a magnet of stability, something that draws them away from the dangerous pull of lust that derails so many couples. We want couples to intentionally walk, even run, toward the marriage bed and away from sin city," said Young. "By experiencing a sexual relationship the way God intended it, we hope couples will begin to see things with greater clarity. I often say, 'so goes marriage, so goes the family. And ultimately, so goes our decisions and choices in this uncertain world.' I know it is radical, but it's all about building stronger marriages."