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Dating in the Digital Age

Friends don't let friends text drunk.These posts are based on the reality TV series, Tough Love: Miami. I don’t comment on what happened in the show. Instead, I talk about what women can learn from each episode’s theme. You can check out my previous series here.

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It’s 2011 and anything about you could be online, whether you want it to or not. Although that may be scary for some, for others, it’s provides an opportunity.

How About We Date In Front of A Webcam?

The beginning of a beautiful relationship?On Monday, I had the privilege to not only watch two people go on a first date, but also give social commentary, through an online chat room.

For those who weren't around to see, I had polarizing comments for James and Bianca.

I thought Bianca was very open and pretty much the perfect example of how a woman should show interest to a man.

On the other hand, James was awkward, couldn't hold eye contact, seemed very nervous and didn't initiate any contact until well after an hour -- where he got a high-five.

Appearances are very deciving so let's talk about some of the factors that played a role and then give some tips.

Make Changes in Your Lifestyle

This is Week 2 of the 2011 Dating and Lifestyle Kickstart Guide. Tuesdays, we cover the lifestyle aspect. If you missed it, here is last Tuesday's Lifestyle component.

Now that you've created your lifestyle inventory, it's time to look at how to make the time you do certain things more effective and efficient. I give a real-life example from a current client of what kinds of adjustments you can make immediately to make it work.

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I wanted Wingman University to be a life-changing experience. I wanted it to be effective. I wanted it to happen in 3 days. Pretty ambitious. After trying this a couple times and having unbelievable experiences with 17 people, I came across amazing feedback. Here were some of the quotes: