Dating & Lifestyle Kickstart Guide in Review

As we prepare for an amazing SXSW and wind down from the launch of the Wingman University Online Membership Program, I wanted to share some quick thoughts on the guide.

Remember when I declared 2011 the Year of the Hustle? I meant it. But just because you didn't start when I started, or when your friend did, doesn't mean it's too late for you to start.

Sometimes you just can't get started when you'd like to. And that's ok. I would rather you be ready to go now and able to put in 1000% effort than to take on the added responsibility, knowing you have other things that will take away from that 1000%. The only way you'll reap the benefits is if you fully devote yourself to it.

Here's the full overview of the 4-week Dating & Lifestyle Kickstart Guide, so you don't have to look for it.

Week 1 - Dating & Lifestyle Strategy

Defining sticking points, what you're goals are and how to accomplish them.

Create a Personalized Lifestyle Inventory
Have Your Own State of the Union Address - For Your Dating Life

Week 2 - Execution

Determine what changes need to be made, how to make them and be as efficient as possible.

Time To Make Some Changes in Your Lifestyle
Date More Efficiently

Week 3 - Process and Iteration

Fine tuning your process by practicing, tracking results, making alterations / experimentations and repetition.  

Don’t Should All Over Yourself
The Best Pickup Lines

Week 4 - 10/10/10

Create a customized development system will generate results automatically. 

Book the ideal social calendar in 10 weeks?
Finding Love Through Obsessions & Holding Grudges

And here's just a small example of people who have been using the strategies I've showed them.

"It's better to do something imperfectly than do nothing perfectly."