Wingmanship: Extra Credit

This is the last part of a special 5-part series that talks about how to be an amazing wingman, written by my newest Wingman. if you know someone that would want to read this, Like and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I think everyone can benefit from these solid tips. Here are the previous entries to the series.

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Wingmanship: Extra Credit

Here's an interesting BONUS from the new guy! I personally am NOT not a club person so I'll take his word for it. From previous "college club" experience, he seems on the money. If anyone disagrees, please chime in and offer your opinion.

You want to know the easiest way to get a girl out of a club?

It’s NOT inviting her to your house, or apartment or dorm room. It’s inviting her to get FOOD. I don’t need to tell you this, but drunk people get the munchies. You are out dancing all night, you get hungry, it’s that simple. So use this to your advantage. Talk about this sweet pizza place EARLY on in the interaction, then later you can bring it up again to use for “extraction” purposes.

Going to get food is far less sketchy in her mind than going to a stranger’s apartment. Plus, women need a plausible excuse in their mind as to why they are leaving with you other than to have sexy time. So next time you are out, plan to bring a girl back to the Chinese food place across the street, then, when it’s “too crowded” to eat there, you can bring her back to your apartment. :)

Now really, go pick up some hot chicks!

Let me know what you think and if any of this works for you. Would LOVE to hear the stories!