Wingmanship 101: Introduction

This is special 5-part series that talks about how to be an amazing wingman, written by my newest Wingman. if you know someone that would want to read this, Like and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I think everyone can benefit from these solid tips. So without further ado...

What is a good wingman?

- A good wingman is always there for you

- Pulls you back up if you get rejected harshly

- Will “take one for the team”

- Helps to facilitate every step of the process logistically 

- Will only have good things to say about you. He is also quite capable of getting women himself.

- Has superior social skills, and is able to talk to random strangers of either sex at ease.

- Will vibe with you and help you to reach peak (emotional) state

- Will have fun, mess around and provide fun for the nights that are “off”

Right off the bat, and I shouldn’t even need to say this, but never, EVER be negative towards your wingman in an ATTEMPT to LOOK COOL in front of a new group. These RANDOM people that you JUST MET, should not be more important than a good friend. And even if you don’t particularly like your wingman, it makes you look better to be friends with a cool guy than a loser.

Stay tuned for "102" where you'll find out what you should be doing as a wingman.