Wingmanship 104: Advanced Wingman

This is part 4 of a special 5-part series that talks about how to be an amazing wingman, written by my newest Wingman. if you know someone that would want to read this, Like and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I think everyone can benefit from these solid tips. Here is the previous entry to the series.

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Wingmanship 104: Advanced Wingman 

Next Level…

A wingman can be a powerful to have when out and about at night. Sometimes, however it is hard to balance when you or your wing is vastly better with women OR when you are both very competent on your own, you may find the “2 on 2” a waste of time, when really you want to be having isolated conversations with 1 chica.

For example, I present this scenario: you and your wing go and talk to two girls, but they are visibly more into you. He gets annoyed and discouraged and wants to go meet other people, and says something insulting, now you are doing damage control.

QUESTION: How could this whole situation be circumvented?

ANSWER: Ghost Winging

Ladies and Gentlemen: I present, ghost winging. “Ghost winging” involves you going in a striking up a conversation with 2 girls, and talking mostly to one of them, when your wing comes in and talks to the 2nd girl immediately or shortly afterwards, WITHOUT ADDRESSING YOU OR YOUR GIRL… thus circumventing the pointless group talk of 4 people, and allows you and your wing to jump straight into 1 on 1 conversations. The girls don’t even need to know you and your wing are friends!

Social Winging.

Its fun to go out to a bar or club and meet random new people, but at the same time, its nice to kick back and chill at a party once and a while too. The rules for a good wingman are different at a party.

A good wingman brings his wing into his social circle and lets him meet your friends (be it girl or guy) with a great introduction.  If your buddy says “hands off” a particular girl, “she’s mine” OR “she has a boyfriend,” then respect that. Communication is key, and he can pretty much set you up with any chick there. If they are his friends and he knows what he is doing, try not to hit on every girl or creep out his solid girl friends, that would not be chill.

At a bar, it doesn’t really matter. You probably won’t see these people again, but in a social circle, particularly one that isn’t yours, but you have been allowed into, be respectful of social normalcy.

Finding a wingman out at a bar.

Pretty much any guy could be your potential wing, but how do you go about meeting them? Well, from my experience, the guys who are the best wings possess the qualities above, and I usually meet them when I meet a new group of people, and it happens to be a mixed set, that is girls and guys. I will usually talk to the guys first. From this you sometimes find out the girls may or may not have boyfriends, and the guys are just friends.

In any case what I am trying to say is just because you see girls with guys does not mean they

1. Are in a relationship

2. Are even friends

3. Met them more than 5 minutes ago

Any of these guys are candidates for makeshift wingmen, and you can use them to get the girls they are with. That being said, the real goal for makeshift wingmen should be the rich guys with bottle service. You bring them girls, and then you drink for free. You can pretty much walk up to any girl in the club and offer free drinks and they will follow. Now you drink for free, have lots of girls seated, and you made some new friends.

(NOTE: This combines the concepts of “hanging out with people better than you” & “giving value” when it comes to enhancing your lifestyle)

Next time you are out, I encourage you to try ghost winging, using rich guys for free drinks but most importantly, go talk to some hot chicks!

Now stop reading this and go talk to some hot chicks!

So what do you guys think? Definitely send over comments. But, we're not done yet. We have one special bonus for you. I'd call it "105," but you get the point ;)