Wingmanship 103: What a Wingman Should NOT Do

This is part 3 of a special 5-part series that talks about how to be an amazing wingman, written by my newest Wingman. if you know someone that would want to read this, Like and share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I think everyone can benefit from these solid tips. Here is the previous entry to the series.

Wingmanship 101: Introduction
Wingmanship 102: What a Wingman SHOULD Do
Wingmanship 103: What a Wingman Should NOT Do

Things NOT to do as a wingman:

DO NOT: Talk too much to your wingman.

You are OUT! That means you should talk to NEW girls. Too often I see two guys talking to each other in a bar most of the time because they are trying to look cool while attempting to escape the uncomfortable reality of walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation. (which if you think about it, isn’t so bad anyway.) Don’t talk to your buddy. Talk to GIRLS! Then go talk to more girls. 

Feel free to vibe with your buddy, have a great time no doubt! Get emotionally pumped up and live it up! But.... don't talk to him the whole time, go meet some chicks! Don't talk about “game” when you are out, and you don't need his permission to go talk to a chick. Instead of talking to him about talking to a girl you would like to talk to, STOP and just go talk to her.

DO NOT: Fight over 1 girl.

Do you know how many people there are in the world? There are almost 7 billion. Why do you need to fight with your friend over one? Most of the time when this happens, neither of you get laid! Teamwork fellas! Sometimes it is helpful to decide beforehand which one you each will go after. The caveat being, it is somewhat important to see how the girls react to you before putting all your proverbial eggs in one basket.

DO NOT: Talk to your wing when he is talking to a girl. 

No one cares if you are bored or uncomfortable, go spit some game on your own, your wing is putting in work and doesn’t need you to come in and mess it up. Leave him be.

DO NOT: Ignore, insult or deliberately lower the value of your wing.

Not only is this unacceptable behavior from a friend, but it really makes YOU look bad to whoever you are talking to. Why would you care about some strangers opinions more than the opinion of your friend? Is it just because they are girls? If so, that is really lame. You should like your wingman, and desire for him and you to succeed. Why would you hang around someone if you don’t like them? These are questions the people you are talking to will ask themselves if they see you being a dick to your friend.

In "104," we will go to the next level with some really advanced "wingman" techniques.