NFL Workouts, Being Pummeled by a Cute Girl & Drinking

So these past few weeks have been VERY crazy and I have only missed one appointment so I feel pretty good about committing to the routine. While I was working with Jason Reese a couple of weeks ago, he had put me through an NFL-style workout that was ridiculously intense but used to cut body fat immensely. It’s supposed to be great for players who need to get back in football shape before training camp. Some of you may ask, “So why would I ever want to do an NFL workout?” The answer is simple.

It’s fun, it’ll push you and you’ll get into unbelievable shape, feeling amazing the whole time.

But anyway, over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with Lindsey. When you first meet her, she looks like a cute, innocent and fun girl. Then you work out with her and you hate her. Well, maybe you don’t hate her. But she’s definitely someone that pushes you to the limit. I am sweating within 5 minutes of training with her and she works you hard from beginning to end. I personally love it. My core is always sore the next day and as much as I hate the soreness, I know it’s what’s keeping me looking and feeling good.

The great thing about Jason, Lindsey and all of the other trainers at Revolution Fitness is that they always have me doing something different. There are two very good benefits of “changing things up.” The first benefit is that you’re never bored when you go to the gym. When you know you’ll be doing something different, it makes you curious and somewhat excited to see what they are going to put you through that’s going to push your muscles. I’d say over 50% of what I have done with them already, I have never done before. Granted, I’m no bodybuilder, but I have worked out in my day and still, there are plenty of exercises and tools that are new to me that I’m using in my regimen, which is great. The second is that doing different exercises and variations of the same exercise actually works your muscles more because you are constantly “tricking” your muscles. If you keep doing the same motion repeatedly, no matter how much you do, your muscles will plateau. By “tricking,” you are giving your muscles an infinite growth span. Both are great things if you ask me.

As a result, I have gained a decent amount of weight (most of it being muscle) and reaching my goal doesn’t seem so out of reach anymore. BUT there is one thing that has been holding me back from really cutting up and making the best of my program.


In this video, I talk about the problems I have been (am) having, why it’s a problem and what I am going to do to fix things.

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