Where Does Confidence Comes From

I absolutely LOVE doing TV appearances. It gives me the chance to give people who otherwise wouldn't necessarily know about me the advice they may have been searching for a long time.

Many times when I'm on, the focus is more about "how cool" my job is and less about the actual advice and results I give my clients. Which makes this video SO great.

While I was in DC doing a piece for the Washington Post and working with clients, I got to go on Good Day DC on FOX5 the day after the Super Bowl to talk not just about what I do, but also what my clients' major sticking points, what they learn, the advice I give, and how I give it when it comes to helping them find long-term love.

There are some really valuable nuggets in here that even got the anchors on the set in awe, so it's definitely worth the watch.

Plus, you get to see a funny scene from a very familiar movie.