How to Build Social Value Using Momentum

When we figure out what we want to be better at, the next logical decision is to take the necessary steps to make it a reality.

The problem with that is most people don't take action. If you search everything you possibly can, you can find out how to get better at whatever you want FOR FREE. Yet, so many people struggle finding success.

Instead of talking about the excuses people make, I'd rather focus on the solutions they find, which leads to this great piece my client, True, wrote for me, detailing one night he had after reading my content and deciding to take matters into his own hands.

Notice how much reading he did and the limiting beliefs behind wanting to develop better social skills for the sake of finding love

Enter True...

I'd like to say I "stumbled" on to The Professional Wingman but as a student of personal development, I believe if you continue striving for a solution to any particular area of your life, eventually you are "introduced" to the solution.

My mentor Jim Rohn says "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear". I moved to Texas in April 2014 after separating from wife of 17yrs and since then had been opening my self up to "dating advice".

 So yes, like ever other guy out there I read "The Game" perused the "pick up" community and starting listening and reading all things Male development related. While I do credit that community for some things and their are guys out their that can benefit from that school of thought, I wasn't just looking to "bang a lot of chicks".
 I wanted something or someone, a program that can help me become a better version of myself and as a result, attract the right career, the right business success which as a result build an amazing lifestyle and share that with someone special.

Introducing, "The Professional Wingman" I heard of Thomas on a Podcast and visited his website.
I read his story, then I read it again, then I read it again and then I read it again.

His story, the tragedies and successes and I said Eureka! I've found the mentor I've been seeking!

Not only did his story resonate with me, but his website provided some actionable advice that I was able to put in practice immediately.

In striving to rebuild his self, Thomas did something called "30 bars in 30 nights", where in order to improve his social skills, not pick up chicks, he decided he would go out, and start up a conversation with whom ever he met (guy or girl).

I said, "what the hell, I'm gonna try it"

I went out to one of the most desired areas of Austin, walked into a night spot, grabbed a glass of whine (Cab/Sav) and said hello to person sitting next to me(it was a guy). We chatted each other up for a while. I had already been on a path of personal development and working on my social skills so I knew to find some things we both had in common in order to connect with him.

After chatting with him, he said " I wanna take you somewhere, come with me" I trusted him so said sure,
what I didn't know is he was taking me to one of Austin's hottest night and classiest nightspots!

Turns out, the person I was talking to and cultivated a relationship with was very influential in certain circles, when we walked in, security waved us in, he began introducing me to security, the bartenders and DJ's. Outside of those introductions, I guess because we were so "magnetic" that night, a guy walked up to us, complimented me on my scarf and introduced me to his girlfriend and friends.
That introduction let me to an entire group of "new" friends and as a result a few dates with quality women!

Needless to say, if The Professional Wingman can add value to me from his website alone, imagine what he could do one on one.

I certainly look forward to enrolling in the immersion program!

Thanks Thomas!