The Benefits of Actually Being Single

There have often been some very low moments — like after another friend gets into a relationship and I'm still rolling my eyes at rude guys at the bar— when I let the fear I hold deeply in my gut out: "What if I've been single for too long and there's something wrong with me?"

I know how dramatic that sounds, and sure, it's not a sentiment I share that freely or that often, but sometimes, I wonder if it's valid.

There are all sorts of people who are currently dating: those recently out of long-term relationships (who may even get into another one pretty fast), those who are having fun and not worrying about meeting someone (oh, how I envy them), those who see dating as a game and a sexual chess match (oh, how I block them on every dating app) and those of us, like me, who have been dating for what feels like eternity and are trying to keep on, keepin' on.

For those of us in the last bucket, who have tried everything, have found peace (and ahem, happiness) in being single, but still would like a relationship, it can feel unearthing to actually believe something will change.

And to ponder, if maybe, there's something wrong with us. I took these questions to some dating experts to figure out if there are some actual perks to being single for a long time.

And ya know what? You can rejoice forever-single people: you're better off than you think.

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