What Is the Theme of 2016?

As many of you know, every year I choose a word that becomes the theme for the year, from content and what I share with my readers / followers, to how I work with my clients and live my own life.

This year, I’d like to show how I came to the word I’m choosing to be the theme of the year.

What was interesting was there were three words which I wanted to choose from:

Mastery, Transparency, and Better.

All different. All just as important in anyone’s lives. Let’s break down each one, how I came across it, and it’s significance.


Transparency was inspired from the last email of 2015 I sent to my readers before taking off to Mexico for the New Year.

The response I got from my clients and readers was resounding. Many of them were just amazed at my willingness to be so transparent about all aspects of my life.

As many of you know, I am a pretty transparent person to begin with. But, I’ll admit, even I questioned sharing this with my readers.

I read the email to my wife who responded by saying, “I’d never do that,” and then supporting the decision to do it.

Doing that and then getting the response made me realize that we should push to be more transparent because of one simple fact. 

It all comes back to confidence.

In this case, my confidence came from my vulnerability of sharing this personal content. But the willingness to be vulnerable is the core of that confidence. By going through with what I did, others looked on and had appreciation for something that they wouldn’t be able to do.

Or at least, they wouldn’t THINK they could do.

By allowing yourself to be transparent, you give the opportunity for people to see you at your core, which is something many people aren’t willing to do, for fear of rejection and dislike.

But the thing I teach my clients is there’s a huge chance they could create a powerful connection with someone — and that makes it much more worthwhile to try.


While I was in Mexico, I wasn’t necessarily thinking a lot about my business — as I was more focused on having tequila and getting my hands on every type of taco possible — but thoughts did cross my mind on where I’d like to take my life.

And I started thinking about many of my business friends who have done amazing things this year –– Ramit Sethi, Lewis Howes, Ryan Allis, Marie Forleo, and so many more –– and thought to myself, “these people are pushing to be amongst the best at what they do, while changing peoples’ lives, just like me.”

But isn’t that what many of us are trying to do? As this came across my mind while on the beach, staring at the crashing waves, the next thought changed my perception on mastery.

Mastery doesn’t exist.

How could it if the world is constantly changing –– at this point, at a rapid pace –– and there’s always more to learn?

Sure, there are people who know more than us –– or even know the most out of everyone –– but that doesn’t mean their learning and growing is complete. It never is.

While so many people are trying to be “masters of their universe,” there are so many more trying to just be better than they are now.

If I have to choose how to help people and make an tremendous impact on their lives, I can’t focus on them becoming what they believe would be “their best.”

I have to focus on getting them to a better place than where they are now. The momentum that can be created from doing that can help people much more than focusing on perfecting and mastering something that, really, can’t be mastered.


So how do you become better?

I could tell you but this morning, I came across this video from Steve Harvey –– yup, the guy who is still an internet meme after his goof at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant (which seriously could have happened to anyone, isn't a big deal, and I'll talk about it later) –– who couldn’t have said it better.

So there you have it. My word and theme for this year will revolve around getting and being better. And it starts with you taking a chance and jumping off the cliff.

What will be different is I don’t want you to take the proverbial “massive leap” off the cliff. I want you to have a plan of action and be very strategic about how you jump off the cliff –– as I will be in my personal life.

So moving forward, I will teach you how to be strategic about the “leaps” you take so you can take them, knowing your very own parachute will open up.

And if you want a more personal experience, find out if my team and I can help you get better faster.

This year, let’s be better.