3 Easy Tips For Meeting the Parents This Holiday Season

I'll be honest with you, the way my wife met my parents is NOT something I'd recommend others to do. I was living at my parents' place during the time I first met her. Knowing that was the case, she still wanted to spend a night over.

In the morning, I gave her sweatpants and a shirt so she could go to the bathroom. She even peeked out to the hallway to make sure no one was around.

When the coast was clear, she walked out and as soon as she did, my mother walked upstairs and ran right into her. I quickly rushed outside, introduced them and immediately ran for the kitchen to grab some Frosted Flakes.

It was the beginning of many awkward moments with my parents, and proof that even The Wingman isn't always the smoothest. Despite that, looking back, it was an unforgettable experience that both my wife and parents' will cherish forever.

If you want to prevent a less awkward moment from happening, be sure to follow the tips in this video given by me and my wife on Fox and Friends. Let the record show that when I met her parents, it was done right (LOL!).