What "Fake It Until You Make It" Really Means

As we continue this year's theme of being better, let's get one thing straight. We are ALL faking.

When it comes to something we don't know or are unsure of and try to push through it, there is always an element of faking it that's involved.

But from this point forward, let's drop the word "faking."

What we REALLY mean is that we're practicing.

When Steph Curry is having a poor shooting night, he's practicing his stroke.

When Serena Williams' forehand isn't strong, she's practicing it with her coach.

When we're sad, we're practicing happiness.

When we're shy, we're practicing confidence.

Are you seeing my point here? Whether it's a craft or your emotions, in order to get better at it –– or make something more powerful –– you have to practice.

You can have all the insecurities, phobias, and hesitations in the world, there's nothing that will help you overcome them except for practice.

Faking something means it was never genuine. But when you're practicing, you're genuinely trying to be better at it.

Watch this video below from Stuff Mom Never Told You and truly understand how practicing confidence can really boost it, despite your anxieties.