Review of 33 Lounge and Restaurant

Address: 33 Stanhope Street (right behind Jurys Hotel and Back Bay Station on the T), Boston, MA 02116


Best Nights: Wednesday and Saturday

Who Goes There: Young people. Lots of women. Ages 21-30.

Cost: $$$

Special: 3 for $3 Wednesday – Saturday 5-7PM, Friday – Saturday 8-11PM

BYFAD Location: No

When I was back in Boston and I asked people about nightlife, 33 Lounge was always said at some point in the conversation. It was after the 98th time that I decided that I needed to take a look for myself. But how am I going to just walk into this place when there’s always a ridiculous line, making it AT LEAST a 30-minute wait? Fortunately when I was thinking this at another bar, someone who worked at 33 sat next to me and we talked. The rest is obvious.

Walking to this place is sort of an adventure within itself. There are countless people waiting and crowding the velvet rope, blocking off the entrance. For anyone to just walk through the crowd and right into the place will make anyone look important. Needless to say, I was approached many times during the night for that reason alone.

There is an outside area of the lounge where the smokers can hang out or people who need fresh air or too cool off. Drinks aren’t allowed outside, in this area though, which is weird since it’s blocked off from the street.

Inside, keeping in mind that this place is a restaurant by day, the place looks really nice with lots of lights and dark modern furniture. The upstairs bar is the centerpiece of the room and it’s a large oval, only looking like it’s easy to get access to drinks, but with only 2 bartenders working, even on the busiest of nights, getting a drink will always be a hassle.

And speaking of drinks – man are they expensive. One time I ordered a Washington Apple shot and a Jack and Ginger and it was $25 bucks. I can get that combo at other places for half that price. And depending on the night will determine how strong the drinks are. So if you are a heavy drinker, you will burn a hole through your wallet.

There is a small dance floor that merges with a lounge area with comfy furniture outlining the room. In this room is also the DJ booth. Dancing and lounging with DJ taking up space is not a good mix. But the good-looking girls that dance with you keep your mind off of that.

Downstairs, which is open on Fridays and Saturdays, is really nice too with a smaller bar and more lounge space to dance and hang out. When I went there on Friday, there weren’t much people down there but I wouldn’t expect it to get two crowded. Judging by the looks of it, it is the perfect place to reserve for a VIP night and bottle service.

The music is great. They have solid DJ’s there every night and they are really good at mixing to everyone’s liking. There was one night that they were playing folk music and people were having a blast. Plus, I heard that DJ Naughty is one of the best DJ’s in Boston that plays every Saturday. I’ll find a Saturday to get over there and be the judge of that! But overall the music itself is solid.

Socially, this place is not the spot for meeting people. With the loud music and the atmosphere, it’s far from the place for friendly interaction. BUT having said that, this IS the place to bring a group of friends. They WILL have a blast. When you’re there with friends, it’s such a good place to hang out and be seen with your expensive drink!

If you can afford the spot, it should definitely go into your weekly itinerary. From what I was told, here is the breakdown of the nights:

Wednesday – Asian night
Thursday – Spin
Friday – Studio 33 (I would say Latin night)
Saturday – Filter (the popular night of the week)

I don’t have a solid rating system, but it will get better over time, but for now, I’ll give this a generously scaled rating of a B+ (88).

Great variety music
Sexy women
Definitely an “alpha-lifestyle” spot
Chill bouncers
Great “second location” spot (after pre-gaming or going to another location prior)

Not for meeting new people
Expensive drinks
Sometimes music is too loud

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to check out their site:

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The Professional Wingman is Here!


So it's finally here! I am SO excited about this. I wanted to make my dating consulting fun and unlike many that is out there. I really feel like this is the way to do it. I present to you, the Professional Wingman.

It will serve as the extension of the Project Infinity brand and will be the center of my dating consulting services. For those that have been here from the beginning, my dating consulting hasn't changed. What I have added has been the "wingman" element. The wingman (me), will be the guy that helps enhance your nightlife right there with you. I'll be taking you out to places in Boston and we will rock out. I will help you meet women (and men for women who want this service) and give you real-time feedback as to how your interaction is going.

I have been working on this for a few months and I can confidently say that I have it down pat. My coaching, motivating and methods have provided very good results and now I can make this service public.

If you want to inquire about services, be sure to check out the Professional Wingman site.

I am TOO excited about this and as always, I am welcome to much feedback.

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Get the VIP Treatment (Part 2)

So to follow up on Thursday's post, here is what happened.

Bottle service can be a great thing but it is probably one of the most difficult things to handle in the nightlife. Making sure everyone pays you. Defending the booze from strangers who just want to be a part of the group. The simple organization of it all. I personally think that with quality people, it can work well. Fortunately, my buddy understands this and doesn't want to bother with it.

Now the great thing about this is I can tell the manager that we're not going to do the service - BUT we're still coming 20-30 deep anyway. He'll love that. He helped me, so I'm going to help him. Besides, in the summer, when it's MY birthday, he'll be more than willing to help me out.

So tomorrow night will be a good time.

In the end, you want to be able to be the guy that can bring fun, people, and business to a place. Business is key here, in my opinion. You can be a cool guy that people just want to be around. But if you can bring others into the mix, that's another thing. They'll want to make sure you keep spreading word about their place.

It's almost like being your own promoter. But instead of promoting the venue, you're, in essence, promoting your life.

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Get the VIP Treatment

I've mentioned many times before how it is important that you have a few spots in your area where you are a regular. If that requires you to go once or twice a week, then so be it. Creating a lifestyle takes time and commitment.

So if you've reached that point where you are a regular and you have befriended the bartenders and waiters then you should notice that you've been treated a little bit better. Maybe the bartender serves you quicker on busier nights or you get a few drinks "on the house." Not only are these things beneficial to you but your social circle as well. Remember the whole "giving value" thing? Yeah, they'll appreciate the fact that you get hooked up and are sharing that with them (and they'll tell their friends about it, too - increasing your popularity).

I don't take advantage of situations at all for my personal beenfit - but I love doing it for other people.

Case Study: My buddy's birthday.

I want to make sure that my buddy has a great time at a place where he wants to go. I also want him to be treated well at this particular venue. So using my strings, I have been able to get him a table for little to nothing for this weekend (pending we meet requirements and he decides that that's where he'd like to have his party). I'll give you a small breakdown of how I was able to pull this off.

Over the course of several months, whenever I go to this place, I brought different people every time. I always made friends with everyone that worked there and checked in on them every once in a while throughout the night. I always sent a text to the bouncers to make sure that the amount of people I was bringing was ok. Above everything else, I thanked EVERYONE when the night was over. And of course it should go without saying that the people that I bring here are always model citizens who have a good time and not cause trouble.

A couple of weeks prior to my buddy's birthday, I talked to the manager about possibly wanting to hold a party there since they've always treated me well. I pretty much told him that if I can bring a ridiculous amount of people there, would he be able to hook me up (the venue is pretty small so an amount of 30 people would be pretty substantial). He said that he'd look into it and when I have official numbers, he'll "make it happen."

I tried my best to keep in touch with him, letting him know of my progress and he appreciated it. Today, he finally said he'd hook me up so I'm pretty excited about that. Once my buddy says that he'd like to have the party there, if it's possible, maybe I'll surprise both my buddy and my manager and bring more people there. But we'll see.

In the end, the important thing about being treated like a VIP is building and maintaining relationships. Going to a place once a month isn't going to cut it. You have to be out there in the scene, "working hard."

I'll have a follow-up post here about how all of this worked out in the end.

And my next post will actually be about how who you know can make your lifestyle infinitely easier.

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