Scientific Proof That Having a Wingman Is Better

Think you can handle this dating thing solo? Think again.

The team at AsapSCIENCE created a video that explains exactly why having a wingman is better than going it alone to meet women.

Notable highlights:

  • You look much more attractive in a group than by yourself (which can't be the same when selecting online dating photos)
  • The more wingmen you have, the better you present yourself to women
  • This case actually works for many species, besides humans
  • "Being yourself" is still not enough

That last part really gets me every time. You have a plan of action for EVERYTHING else in your life and you're going to leave your dating / love life up to chance and "just be yourself?"

Please. Don't do that. Having a strategy gives you the BEST chance of living the best dating and love life you possibly can.

Simple as that.