How to Meet People at the Airport


Did you know there are dating sites for people who want to meet at the airport?

I’m not exactly sure how it works but it just shows how easy -- or difficult -- it is to meet someone.

Let me explain.

For most travelers, as much as they jet-set across the world for business or pleasure, a good amount of their time is spent in the airport.

And regardless of your situation, you have a very good chance of meeting someone at the airport -- you just need to know how. Consider the problem solved as I will share my best advice for how to make it happen.

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The first tip is the most important one. Give yourself time when going to the airport. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll rush through security and run to your gate with no chance to meet anyone.

Getting there a little early will allow you to take your time, walk around the terminal and eventually spend time at the gate, giving you opportunities to talk with any other frequent-flyer milers.

So where and how do you actually go about starting conversation? 

Follow the rule of the 3 C’s.

Context. For example, every airport has a Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or any other coffee shop. Meeting someone at a coffee shop in an airport is no different than doing it in one in your city. The same rules apply but this time, you have a great context: Everyone is going SOMEWHERE.

Another idea is if you’re standing, sitting around, check the person’s bag to see if there are travel tags. People who travel know the airport codes really well so it gives you an opportunity to show off that skill and start conversation.

Confidence. People love dressing comfortably while traveling, which doesn’t necessarily mean they do it well. You can look amazing and still feel comfortable -- suits and dressed included. With all the people flowing through the airport, you never know who you’re going to meet. 

And consider this, because most would see meeting someone at the airport as “random,” you want to look as presentable as possible to simply not creep out the person you talk to.

But confidence isn’t just about what you wear -- it’s how you wear it. In a place like the airport, your body language is key to your success when initiating conversation. But confidence in an emotional state, so how can you project that?

You can do it physically by smiling, standing up straight, keeping hands out of your pockets, holding eye contact and slowing down your movements -- for starters. Projecting external confidence does trigger confidence internally because you’re taking action.

Content. The two simplest questions you can ask someone at the airport are, 

“So, where are you headed to?”


“Are you coming or going?”

When they give you a response, you can decide where to take things. If the place they mention is a place you’ve been before, then your next question could be, “for business or pleasure?” Or you could talk about your experiences in that place and see if you two have any of them in common.

If the city is their hometown, you know they’ll be biased towards it. Play into that by teasing certain aspects and getting them into a playful mindset while defending the city they grew up in.

Another interesting thing to think about is although many people are traveling for work, what better place to fantasize about where you’d like to travel then at the airport?

One place where many people gather in the airport is at the Arrivals/Departure screens. 

Once again, you can ask someone where they’re headed or you can go a different route by asking, “if you could go anywhere right now, where would you like to go?”

This allows them to step out of their world and explore for a little bit, which is a fun change of pace. You can question their choice and use it as a way to dig deeper into who they are besides a suit and briefcase.

Now, let’s talk about when on board. When you’re on the flight and you end up sitting next to someone you’re interested in, the easiest way to start conversation is by being friendly. Why is that so important?

In my many years of flying, if there’s one thing people can’t stand, it’s someone who is a grumpy traveler. There’s just something about it that’s so unattractive...

You can establish this quick, friendly rapport by using the 3 C’s. Keep in mind the length of the trip to determine the pace of the conversation and remember to have fun. 

If it doesn’t pan out the way you’d like, the chances of you seeing that person again is slim to none.

But then again, who knows? Maybe they actually live in your return destination city, you two hit it off, and you’ll get to see them again.

Just because the airport is the most transient place, doesn’t mean you can’t meet someone. Women always tell me they’d love to be approached by men at the airport. It all comes down to confidence and a fun attitude.

Use these strategies and watch your dating life reach new altitudes.