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…trusted by thousands of singles, all across the world, for the last 10 years

8 Lessons

For the first time publicly, Thomas shares his best tips, from what to say to creating incredible date experiences.

What Women Want

We’ve brought in one of the top female love coaches in the country to guide you through exactly what women are thinking.

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Join dozens of other singles as you complete action items, share progress, and get LIVE coaching support from Thomas.


Make Her Want You More.

Over the past 10+ years, Thomas Edwards has helped thousands of singles from all around the world develop the skills to improve their social lives and find long-term relationships with quality, compatible, attractive women.

He is responsible for hundreds of marriages, engagements, and dozens of kids.

In his first-ever publicly available course, Thomas teaches you how to create a lifestyle conducive to meeting, attracting, and getting into a relationship with women both online and offline, while staying true to who you are.

It’s time to Master the Dynamics of Dating.


Lesson Plan


The Pre-game

Introduction to the program, setting goals/targets, and crafting the necessary mindset to achieve what you want from this course.


Lifestyle Optimization

How to effectively set up and optimize your online dating profile and a game plan around where to meet quality women in person.

+ bonus material: Best Online Dating Profile Photos mini-course


Approaching Women Effectively

Get the most effective strategies to approach quality women anytime, anywhere, period.


Flirting with Women Successfully

Use our “Flirting Formula” to romantically connect with women and avoid being in the “friend-zone” forever.

+ bonus material: Flirting Mastery mini-course


Engaging Conversation That Leads to Dates

Take the chemistry to deeper levels with storytelling and active listening to connect with women in ways they rarely experience.


Making Bold Moves

Take your dating life to the next level with the right mindset that will allow you to attract and connect with women with incredible ease.

+bonus material: Female Decoder mini-course


Create the Best First Date

Create the best first date experience that will guarantee you a second date.


Connect with her on the Second Date

What to do - and talk about - that will accelerate your connection with her so she knows you’re boyfriend material. Oh, and of course, we cover the topic of who should pay…


Lock Her in on the Third Date

This is the date where all the magic happens. Here, you will have an idea of whether or not she is a compatible partner and know how to take dating into exclusivity. Yes, it can happen this quickly.

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