How to Be Confident: The Only Thing You Need to Read

People search "how to be confident" on Google tens of thousands of times each day, looking for the "magic bullet" that's going to change their lives.

Let me tell you now, unfortunately, that magic bullet does not exist.

Confidence is an emotion, like happiness. You can't go and buy confidence like it's stocked in a supermarket. Any emotion, like a muscle, can be strengthened, and confidence is no different.

You may have seen my constant references to confidence in my 3 C's to Approaching Strategy, highlighting that confidence is practiced through doing physical things. This strategy has been proven to help clients and readers be able to successfully approach women anywhere, anytime.

When I talk with my clients or am interviewed, I constantly reference Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, who did a study on how moving –– or in her case, posing –– an create the emotion you need in any circumstance.

Let this be the only thing you need to read and watch in order to truly understand how to confident around women, and in life.

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