5 Keys for a Successful 2018

While everyone will be waiting until Monday to start their New Year, I'd like to help you get the ball rolling NOW. Over 95% of people who set resolutions won't make it through 3 weeks and I don't want you to be one of them.

Momentum is key to making lasting change in any part of your life, but when it comes to improving your dating life, this is especially true. So here are my 5 keys for setting and maintaining your goals throughout the year.

These keys are inspired by Neil Strauss and Grant Cardone, two people I enjoy following and reading their content.

For setting goals

Spend time exploring

Exploring can mean many things. I'm sure there are many things you'd like to try out but never gave yourself the chance. It could be writing, playing a musical instrument, taking a photography or cooking class, or something a little off-the-wall like indoor skydiving or making your own beer.

Spend 30% of your free exploring these things, see what you like, don't like, and keep doing the ones you do. Ultimately, while you're having fun exploring, you'll end up meeting people you never would have had the chance to meet before.

Always, always be learning

Neil said,

Learning can be listening to a podcast on a subject you want to learn more about. That could be taking a continuing education class for adults at a local school, learning a new language with a foreign language speakers Meetup, or watching a renowned documentary.

The way we've always taught our clients is always through experience. Whatever it is you'd like to learn, make it experience-driven so you learn and get the added benefit of interacting with others.

Be physically active every day

Routine physical activity doesn’t cost a thing and it doesn’t need to be grandiose.
— Neil Strauss

If you'd like to independent, find time to go for a walk or run. You can even stay at home, do pushups/crunches/jumping jacks, stretching, dancing, or, if you work from home, invest in a standing desk.

If you want to be active AND social, attending a gym class (spin or yoga), or join a rock climbing, running club, or social sports.

The idea to keep you healthy, the blood flowing, and your brain active in a way that can lead you to be more social. When your brain is more active, it can think of more things to say and you feel more confident. It's science!

For maintaining goals

This I will keep it to the words of Grant because I couldn't have said it any better.

Commit. Commit. Commit.

From Grant,

Nothing in life will come to you in 2018 if you don’t commit to anything. There is a cost to commitment, which is time, energy, and money. You have to make time with your kids a commitment. You need to make a commitment to your career, to working out, and to make a great relationship with your spouse. Commit to it all.

No excuses. None.

From Grant, again,

People who make excuses don’t commit. They think about reasons why they did or didn’t do something. They think they’ll be happy when they get married, when they get divorced, when they get that job, when the weekend comes, when they get rich…and so on—but people who are not happy now are using excuses and not taking responsibility for his or her happiness.

These last two are the most important. If you really want 2018 to be different than 2017, you can no longer make excuses and commit to whatever it is you want. If you're looking to improve your social skills and dating life, this can't be your #2 priority. Excuses no longer will work.

If you focus on these 5 things, I can assure you 2018 will be brighter than you even expected it to be. Happy New Year and cheers to a prosperous New Year!