What It's Like Working with Over 10,000 People


I've had the great fortune to have worked for nearly 9 years with so many people from all over the world. In that time, I've learned so much about myself, the state of dating, its evolution, and what needs to happen for the next generation to survive. I know the last part seems dramatic but it's a serious issue.

So when DatingAdvice.com reached out to me to do an interview on my past, present, and future, it made me really introspective on it all. See what the journey has been like and where The Professional Wingman is going into 2018 by reading and clicking the link below.

Here's a snippet:

Once Thomas got a glimpse of the good he could do for single guys (and gals), he was hooked and embarked on a career as a dating consultant. He launched a business called The Professional Wingman in Boston and began sharing his advice on body language, conversation topics, and other interpersonal skills relevant to active daters.

Today, his team has worked with over 12,000 singles from all walks of life. Working with these experts helps daters feel more confident and at ease in social settings. The Professional Wingman team gives direct and honest advice to single men and women to empower them to meet and flirt with people.