Tip Tuesday: The First Date

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Don't mind if I do.Every Tuesday, we ask people from Team Wingman & Twitter what they would like me to talk about. It could be a general topic or a direct question. I’ll choose the best one and later that day, I’ll write something and give tips addressing that topic or question.

"Question: Got any advice for a first date?"

This what I said in 140 characters on Twitter [follow me]:

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It's pretty straightforward but I'll break each point down a little more.

Having drinks on a first date is a go-to. It's simple, fun and easy to plan.

DO NOT do a dinner date. The reasons are too many to put them all here but to say a few, dinner is at minimum 90 minutes, you'll be eating more than talking and there's something intimate about eating that can be uncomfortable for some people. 

Keeping it quick is paramount on the first date. 50-70 mins is perfect -- and for those who are wondering, yes, it is ok if you spend a little more time but don't let it drag on. Let her get excited about the second date.

Flirting. It starts from the moment you see her. Give her a hug -- maybe a kiss on the cheek -- tell her is great to see her and immediately compliment on how amazing she looks. Chances are, she spent a great deal of time to get herself together for YOU, so you better show appreciation.

When you're sitting, make sure you're close enough where you can break the physical barrier and flirt, both verbally and physically. Light touching will make her feel more comfortable with you being in her personal space.

Eventually, it'll allow you to kiss her while you're ON the date, as opposed to waiting until the end, where there may be too much anxiety about it -- which could lead you to not making the move.

TIP: After one drink, the bartender will come around and ask if you want a second round. Let HER decide if she wants that second drink as it will tell you if she's having a good time. If she does, great.

If she doesn't, and you can tell she isn't interested in you, you can ask for the check, wrap up the date and move forward not having spent anymore time and money on a connection that may not exist.

Don't be afraid to set up another date while you're on the date. If things are going great and there is something that you two have talked about going to, bring it up as a potential date idea.

It doesn't necessarily have to be the next date you do, but just hearing the confirmation that she'd love to go will nearly guarantee you a second date.

First Date Magic

First dates should always be fun, light and quick. The true puprose of the first date is to see if there's chemistry that can posibly lead to something great down the road.