5 Lessons in Getting Her Number

Get her number. And a date.Editor's Note: This piece is by Nick Notas, our Boston Wingman Strategist and Confidence Coach. You can read more of his pieces at The Dating Specialist.

Asking a woman for her number can be scary. One critical moment decides whether you might see each other again or if it’s the final goodbye.

Tip Tuesday: The First Date

Don't mind if I do.Every Tuesday, we ask people from Team Wingman & Twitter what they would like me to talk about. It could be a general topic or a direct question. I’ll choose the best one and later that day, I’ll write something and give tips addressing that topic or question.

"Question: Got any advice for a first date?" 

This what I said in 140 characters on Twitter [follow me]:

It's pretty straightforward but I'll break each point down a little more.