Monday Maverick: Guys Talking To Guys

There's no way this guy is cool enough to be with both. Remember that.Every Monday I’ll be giving tips on different perspectives on dating that will “free Your mind.” Like a true Maverick, I’ll give an unorthodox approach to everyday scenarios that will help you in your dating life and potentially beyond.

Talking to guys who are with women

This past weekend, I was out with female friends and one thing I’ve noticed was many guys would approach them and very few would succeed. The one commonality I saw between those who did and those who didn’t was simple.

The guys who succeeded approached me first.

Seems weird, right? Let’s think about it.

When you usually see a woman with a guy, what’s your first thought?

“Oh, they must be together.”

And this doesn’t just stop there. For many guys, even if there are 4 women in a group with only ONE guy, they’ll still think they’re all spoken for.

Why have that perception in your head? It’s safe to think that he could be with one of the women but ALL of them? It doesn’t make sense.

Having said that, if women are hanging out with this guy, then they must think he’s cool. If, by chance, you were to befriend him, wouldn’t those women think you’re cool too -- even if by only association?


The Maverick: The best strategy for success if you see a guy with a woman is to talk to the guy first.

If they are together, he’ll make it clear and be very territorial. If not, he’ll may introduce you to her and if you’re a cool guy and see you and the lady getting along, he may take a step back and give you and her space.

Your goal should always be looking to make connections and you never know where those connections can lead you whether you talk with a man or a woman. That guy may actually later introduce you to the woman that will be your wife.

Never discount an opportunity based on what you see. Always think ahead.