Top 10 Thursday: Romantic Comedies

I bet Ryan regretted this one.Every Thursday, I will put up a top ten list of awesomeness, with short descriptions and tips. Feel free to laugh, enjoy and pass them around.

Top Ten Romantic Comedies

2011 has been the "Year of the Romantic Comedy." Whether or not these movies are actually good, I'll leave that up to you. Having said that, I've decided that NO man should be without his guide for the best "Fella-friendly" Romantic Comedies. Guys, whenever you want to surprise your lady, tell her you want to watch one of these movies and prepare for an amazing night. Trust me.

10. Just Friends. A list like this wouldn't make sense if there wasn't a Ryan Reynolds movie on here. Who can't relate with going from a fat dweeb who was always in the Friend's Zone with the girl you loved to a slim, successful talent agent who is now...always in the Friend's Zone with the girl you loved. Like I said, who can't relate?

9. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Once again, another actor synonymous with this genre -- Matthew McConaughey. Women love him because he looks good. Men like him because he's plays the perfect overhyped tool that somehow gets the ladies, anyway. This movie is good because you learn exactly what to do -- and what NOT to do when it comes to dating someone.

8. 40-Year Old Virgin. Of all the movies on the list, this was the hardest to choose. This movie had TONS more comedy than actual romance, which is great for us, guys. At the same time, this is perfect to watch with your lady if she's in the mood for a good laugh. Despite the lack of romance, it makes the list.

7. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This was the first movie I ever watched that actually highlighted what guys go through after a terrible breakup. Conveniently enough, I had gone through a breakup at the time and this was just what I needed. Can't argue with seeing Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell in bikinis either.

6. What Happens in Vegas. Ashton Kutcher is another "man's man" that makes watching his movies less painful for guys. Combine him with the wit and sexiness of Cameron Diaz and you have a movie that's great for a night in with your date. This is one of the few movies on this list that actually has a well-rounded cast too.

5. Hitch. I bet you thought this one would be higher on the list. It's a good movie you'll enjoy because Will Smith is dating coach that's enjoying the single life but gets flustered when he sees someone he actually likes. It also shows how women's judgments can get in the way of their own love. Wait, am I talking about the movie or me? Either way, it's a good movie.

4. When Harry Met Sally. An instant classic. Two people. Different perspectives. Eventually hooking up. Pretty much like most movies but what makes this one different is that Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal play the most genuine of roles. You and your date are going to love this movie and you won't know why. And it won't matter.

3. Love and Other Drugs. The most recently produced movie of the list but still a VERY good one. It has the flare of Jake Gyllenhaal, the beauty of Anne Hathaway (who I'm in love with -- and did I mention she gets naked? Multiple times?!), and the most f-ed up plot you'll ever see in a romantic comedy. This is definitely one for the ages.

2. Jerry Maguire. Football. That's what makes this an awesome movie for guys to watch. But the drama in it puts it over the top. A young Tom Cruise, Renée Zellweger and Cuba Gooding was hard to beat the lineup at that time. It also has some of the most memorable quotes known to our world, including, "Show me the money," "You complete me," and "You had me at hello." And to go back to the football, Troy Aikman makes an appearance and there's actual football played. This movie is literally, the only time sports and romance actually worked well together.

1. Love Actually. You say this movie out loud and a woman somewhere is sighing. There isn't anyone out there who can say something bad about this movie. It has a kickass cast and has more drunken, awkward and inappropriate moments than you would think. This is an instant classic that can be watched multiple times a year and I personally can guarantee you will this at least once (more) before the end of the year.

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