Monday Maverick: Set Milestones


The ladder may be high, but you can still get to the top.

Every Monday I’ll be giving tips on different perspectives on dating that will “free Your mind.” Like a true Maverick, I’ll give an unorthodox approach to everyday scenarios that will help you in your dating life and potentially beyond.

Set milestones for your dating life.

When I ask clients what they would like to accomplish in their dating lives, they usually say the same thing.

"I'd like a wife / husband," or, "I really want a girlfriend / boyfriend."

And when I ask them how they are planning to get there, it's unfortunately the same thing.

"I don't know," or, "I don't have a plan."

At the end of the day, if you don't have a plan of action, you don't have a dating life. Like all things in life, you need to be able to measure your progress and success based on milestones.

Milestones will let you know exactly where you stand and how close you are to getting what you want, in my clients' cases, a relationship. If that's what you want but you haven't taken action, you're much further from getting there than you even realize.

The Maverick: Set a main goal -- and milestones that will lead you to it. For example, create a timeline of where you are now and let's say, 6 months from now, you'd like a girlfriend. Now go back to about a week from now and think about what you'd like to accomplish that will help you get there -- maybe your goal would be to talk to 3 attractive women.

Then once you accomplish that, set another goal -- let's say, to get a woman's number -- another week or two out.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Every week you keep pushing yourself closer and closer until you actually reach your final milestone and your main goal -- a relationship. Obviously, there are more milestones and some will be more complicated than others but you get the point.

Just remember, any type of success can be measured -- even in your dating life.

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