2011 Dating & Lifestyle Kickstart Guide Overview (Part 1 of 4)

I was with one client, catching up on how things have been going with him. We worked together for 3 months before he ended up meeting his girlfriend on a train platform and they’ve been dating since. He actually told some of his friends that he was working with me - and that it worked. One of his friends couldn’t believe he worked with me, saying, “wow, bro. I can’t believe you needed to get help get laid.” 

My client asked him, “how much of the two years have you been single by choice?” The room got really quiet and his friend quietly answered, “two years.” 

My client bounced back with, “see, that’s the difference. Weren’t we single around the same time? I knew this was a problem. I knew if I wanted to take care of this, I’d have to work hard and probably do things I didn’t want to do, like hire Thomas. The difference? He helped change my life and I’m now happier than I’ve ever been. How bad do you really want it?

He told me his friend laughed, shrugged it off and changed the subject. It would be no surprise to me if he’s still single.

That’s really going to be difference in people’s lives. There are those who read and read and read about what they should do. There are those who will take action but try only a few things and then give up if they don’t get the instant gratification. And then there are those who not only take action, but work on it until they achieve success. It means going through hardship but not letting it distract or stop you from accomplishing your goals.

I’ll be producing more content on various platforms, written, audio and video. All content will be more structured and better designed to help you search, consume and provide action items to ensure you’re “hustling” on your way to success. If I can turn my life around from having barely anything to being on the front page of CNN, you can make an impact in your life.

This week, you’ll see...

  • The things I’ve noticed when it comes to changing people’s lifestyles
  • One story of a client who didn’t want to work with me
  • What you’ll be getting from me in the next 4 weeks, including videos and specific dating and lifestyle content that will guide you through the process of becoming more successful in your life.

This whole month-long project is to reveal the three levels of success (or failure), so you can see where you stand. I declared 2011 the Year of the Hustle. Remember, hustle and taking action are two different things. Taking action is only the first step. Hustle is the quintessential drive to success. So don’t think you’re going to see one-step solutions in my content. Don’t expect me to advise you to work on multiple things at once. And don’t look for generalities that will eventually psyche you out because you’ll be thinking of multiple scenarios that will disprove the generality.

I will provide you as much insight and advice as possible. I’ll even share things I would typically only share with my clients. Remember, taking action is NOT enough. You’ll hear me say this throughout the month-long project. Tuesdays, starting January 18th, will be videos dedicated to lifestyle development and Thursday, dating. Any content in between will be bonus geared toward either topic.

By the end of this month-long project, you’ll have more success going on in your life than you had in a VERY long time.

Since you’re not used to me writing so much content in one post, I am going to break these posts in parts. Be on the lookout as the other three posts will come out each day this week.

Let’s DO this.