Introduction to Fitness & Nutrition

I am really excited to announce that the new Fitness section of The Professional Wingman blog is brought to you by Revolution Fitness. Revolution Fitness is probably the most personable gym I have ever been in. The equipment is state-of-the-art, they offer a variety of classes and programs, the staff, led by Derek Christensen, is awesome, they have something called “the pit,” AND they even have a fuel bar – a personal favorite.

I talk a lot about personal development and how I help men and women develop confidence and live more fulfilling lives. Part of that personal development has a lot to do with how you feel, how you perceive yourself and how you take care of yourself. You want a healthy life? It all starts with a healthy body and mind. I really think that it’s important that you keep yourself fit. There’s no question that a healthy person is an attractive person. Period.

Some people are afraid to go to the gym. Others are just lazy. Yet, a lot of those people don’t even workout at home. Whatever the reason is, with the help of Revolution Fitness, I hope to reframe your thinking when it comes to fitness, exercise and going to the gym as the form of accountability to self-improvement.

I am going to put myself in a multi-week training program with Revolution Fitness and give you the inside take of what it’s like to workout with trainers, develop a program, see what this gym is all about and the importance of setting goals and fighting hard to achieve them. I consider myself a reasonably fit person (but with a crap diet) so I’m hoping the guys at Revolution Fitness will be able to challenge and push me to my limit.

Starting Monday, you will get full coverage of my training program and guest posts from the Revolution Fitness staff talking about what they’re passionate about – health, nutrition and exercise. I’m very excited about the future and I hope you are too.

For more information about the facility and classes, you can go to the Revolution Fitness site, or you can follow Revolution Fitness on Twitter for updates and special promotions.

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