Back to Square One

We are starting it ALL over again. This time, it's is for real. We are doing it live and we are going ALL out. This podcast will cover everything about dating, love, relationships, attraction, confusion, anxiety and SO much more.

And I'd like to name this podcast something cool. This where you come in. Submit your answers by sending me an email and the best one will get a VERY special prize!

Here is what was covered on this show:

Going to SXSW! Should be ridiculous.

Scot McKay from Edumakaytion talked about why monogamy isn't an option for the seduction community. And I agree. The game has changed.

Different forum posts vary from using women to fill a void to how to talk to a shy person.

For women, I talk about it is important to make a guy feel useful and not used.

A little rusty and have to work out the kinks but in due time, this will be THE podcast to check out for anything.

If you'd like a question answered or would like me to talk about a specific topic, email me.

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That is all.

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