News & Events Around the Dating World

Here are some things going on that I highly recommend taking a look at or even going to.

– You have heard me talk about this site many times and I think it’s a great site for people to check out. Man are not allowed to join but can certainly learn a lot from the powerful content that they produce. This month, they are jam packed with guests on their talk show. Their upcoming schedule has a guest on every other day so be sure to check them out. Some topics include stopping negative thoughts, sexuality, conflict resolution, jump starting your career and much more. Believe me, don’t be fooled. You want to learn more about yourself AND women? Then you should take a look.

Man Panel
– Transitioning from Dating to a Relationship – Boston March 27 – Laura Warrell is the organizer behind the Man Panel. It’s been highly regarded as the event women MUST go to. Having started only some months ago, it was quickly gained momentum and is one of the top events to go to at the end of the month. This month’s topic covers everything revolving going from dating to a relationship. I actually will be one of the panelists, so it’s a VERY exciting time for me. In fact, I have been featured on her site as Panelist of the Month! For more information, you can contact me on Twitter or go to the Man Panel site for more details.

The Complete Toolbox Seminar – Las Vegas March 20-22 – I really can’t say enough about this conference. If I wasn’t going to SXSW, then this is where I would be. Pretty much everyone who has broken ground in the seduction and pickup industry will be there and you will get total access to these guys. For the complete breakdown of the seminar, you can check out the Toolbox Seminar site.

Practical Pickup Workshop – San Francisco March 27-28 – If you are in the San Francisco area, there are only 3 spots left in this great bootcamp. Led my Entropy and Doc Holliday, these guys are good people and know how to teach men things other than picking up women. In a weekend, you will learn a great deal from these guys. For more information about what the bootcamp covers you can check out Practical Pickup.

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