5 Reasons Why Men May Be Hesitant to Get into an Exclusive Relationship

I wanted to elaborate more on each point, but I think keeping it short and to the point is good enough. This list was also posted the Man Panel as I am featured as this month's Panelist of the Month.

Thank you Laura!

1. “Is she the one? And if she is, my life is over.” Over in the sense of predictability & repetition. Something we all are afraid of in one way or another.

2. Monogamy. Having only one sexual partner. Will a man be certain that one woman will satisfy him sexually over an extended period of time?

3. Isolation. Feeling as though they won’t be able to see their friends as often. A lot less weekends out with the guys.

4. Responsibility. Decisions become harder when you have to think of someone other than yourself.

5. Laziness. Subtle things such as feeling as though you have to call every day, constantly letting her know of your whereabouts, getting permission to do certain things, etc. are general turn-offs for men and are continuously seen as the “work” men must do in a relationship.

What are some other reasons that weren't mentioned here? What are some things that you have noticed?

For guys, what are your reasons for women not wanting to become exclusive?

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