Great Articles From Around the Dating Web

Every week, I am going to give more love to some other sites that provide good information that will help you. They are just going to be links and articles that I came across during that particular week.

Attractology – Six Habits of a Good Wingman – Now you remember my article about what makes a quality wingman. These six tips are quick concise and on the money. If you are looking for a wingman for anything – these qualities go outside of just dating – then you should pay read this.

The Art of Manliness – Dressing for Life’s Big Events – This is an interesting article about what certain terms mean and what to wear. They cover everything from Black Tie events to religious ceremonies to first dates. This will give you the basics of every event and how to look appropriate at them.

Sinns of Attraction – Lifestyle Design: Part 1 – This article talks about how to set up your life to get more out of it. This making your life the way you want. The only way to do that is to figure out what the hell you want. He provides a good exercise as to how to figure that out and much more.

Edumakaytion – Why Monogamy Isn’t An Option To Most of the Seduction Community – someone sent in a very interesting Facebook message to Scot McKay about how the seduction community promotes a polyamorous lifestyle and how most women are looking for a monogamous boyfriend. He addresses the issues here, pretty well. I will talk about it more in my video this week because I think there can be a lot to talked about.

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