Be the President of Your Life

In my recent ode to my inspirations, I realize that I didn't include a guy whose blog I read twice - even three times a day! This guy is the man when it comes to confidence building and meeting and attracting women. He is actually very good at coaching not only men but women as well. I personally consider him one of my favorite coaches to listen to. His advice is consistently solid and his experience is something not many can match. His name is David Wygant and you should check out his blog.

This was a video he put up a couple of days ago in a hotel shortly after the Presidential Inauguration in DC. This speech got me so motivated in such a way that I thought it would be an injustice not to share this with my readers (you rock, by the way!). Click to see his post called "Obama and You."

Enjoy and tell me what you think! Are you ready to be the President of your life?

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