Can A Single Man (or Woman) Lead This Country?

With all of the talk about our new President, I figured I should join in on the talk about our new Presidency. But I wanted to take a different approach. President Obama is a very strong, confident male and I feel like his family certainly puts him over the top. You gotta love Michelle Obama and especially the children. Any man can be supremely confident if they know they have an unbreakable foundation of support from his wife and children. It was almost as if the family helped him – in some way – in his election campaign.

So it got me thinking?

In my generation, I have not seen a bachelor become President of the United States. I found that interesting so I decided to look more into it. I love grabbing as much as I can from the web and understanding that none of these sources can be true, still think of this as a fun layout of information that may - or may not be true.

There have been many Presidents who were single during their term in office. Of all of those men, James Buchanan was the only true bachelor. There was a bunch of President who lost their wives and were widows. Some of those guys remarried while in office, while others chose not to. Grover Cleveland actually got married for the first time while he was IN office. But not James Buchanan. He stayed the course and remained single. Although I found some sites talk about the fact that he may have been gay which would have created problems (considering the time) so I’m sure if it was true, it was kept under wraps and explained a few things.

I found it funny that some people regarded Buchanan as the worst President ever. I also find it kind of interesting that having a family indicates another kind of leadership that is rare, not talked about much but as a nation, we consider in our decision-making – being a leader of a strong and happy family.

Understanding all of this, it brought me to ask myself this – and now, I propose the question to you. Is it possible for a bachelor to be President of the United States of America? Would you even vote for a single guy? Who would you choose over the other? The man that has (or had) a wife and kids or the one that is currently single? The same principle would apply to a single woman. Would that make things different?

For me, it made me see Barack Obama’s election in a completely different light if he didn’t have his wife and kids and was a single black man. Then again, wouldn’t it change the look of any candidate if he (or she) were single?

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