The More “Touchy” Part of Dating: Sex & Virgins

For most guys, this is a very important goal when it comes to dating. Some would like to gain a girlfriend – maybe a wife. Others would just like the ability to date many women. Others would like to seduce women into having sex. Whatever your goal is, when it comes down to it, sex is something that is important to any man – getting it ( a lot ) and being good at it.


But before we get into all of that good stuff, let’s talk about something we all were at some point in our lives (and still are, for some). Being a virgin .

It seems like it’s very rare to come across a virgin, unless they’re in their very low teens – and even then it might be hard, considering how early kids can get access to sexual activity (online porn, watching TV, magazines, etc.). I personally have a lot of respect for a virgin that is able to not give in to the temptation of sex. It really doesn’t matter where you are, sex is thrown in your face all the time. I mean, I have the TV on and I glanced up and all I saw was a large set of breasts (FYI it was the Discovery Channel). I mean, it was good timing on my part but that just also shows you that you can’t avoid it. So for someone to ignore those things is pretty impressive, regardless of their reason.


Now should virginity have monetary value? If you read my posts on Natalie Dylan and Raffaela Fico, you know what I am talking about: Selling your virginity for absurd amounts of money. I guess in a capitalist world, it makes sense, but it’s still considered a form of prostitution (although, legal) since you are selling sex – and no, also being taken out for dinner and a movie doesn’t make it different.


So I was thinking about it and had different perspectives. Guys clearly couldn’t do this. Maybe if you were a celebrity, you would have a slight chance. But as a guy, you should know that we don’t get as much access to women as women do to guys so for us to charge for sex would be pretty silly. But recently, I came across something pretty interesting.


Now, as far as I know, I have not taken any woman’s virginity. A little disappointing since I really haven’t felt the emotional and sexual bond with a woman after taking her virginity – that, in my opinion, would be pretty special. Of course, when I had my virginity taken I had that emotion (and it was wonderful) but it was one-sided. But, one thing that was pretty intriguing was that for most of the women I have had sexual relationships with; I was able to make them achieve their first real orgasm. I didn’t think this was a big deal until I read somewhere that women rarely achieve an orgasm during intercourse. I found this to be pretty interesting.


Not to say that I have the magic touch – but what if I do? What if I have the ability to make a woman experience not just any orgasm, but making her feel something unlike anything else they’re ever experienced – for a long time, every time? Would I have high market value? Could I sell this as a “gift,” just like the “gift” of being a virgin? It is an interesting perspective to think about.


But I think in either situation, I think what is important is the experience . Sex is supposed to be fun , sensual and exhilarating . I think if there is one thing that I would tell virgins about having sex for the first time is that they should just live in the moment. Savor every feeling. Take your time. Revel in the fact that this is without a doubt the best feeling you’re having right now and you’re having it for the first time. And then when you’re done, remember that it won’t be the last.


For me, having sex for the first time opened me up as an extremely sociable person. There was this new sense of confidence that I never felt before. It was amazing. Nothing could stop me and I was untouchable. I just felt amazing. Plus, that sexual experience was something very special to me. An experience worth remembering for a lifetime.


The closest thing I could compare it to would be the feeling you get after a workout at the gym. When you know you had a great workout, you look and feel great. Your confidence peaks and you have this sudden urge to go and be sociable because you feel like you’re looking your best. I feel like sex is like that…but on a stratospheric level.


When you think about it, sex can generate a string of emotions that can be rare for some people to experience. That alone gives it significant value, and explains why so many people so after it. That’s why people can sell sex. But monetary value for people who have no sexual experience? We’ll have to see how that plays out.

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