An Important Message

So if you have noticed, there have been only a couple new articles in the past few days. I apologize for the recent lack of articles. It has been a crazy few weeks, as I have been getting more exposure and opening myself up to new ideas and events for Project Infinity . Plus, as I am in the process of getting a promotion at my other job, my days have been long and my nights have been even longer. But this all a good thing, but I couldn’t do it without support and interest from everyone. For that, I thank you all . It means a lot and it gives me the energy to keep going.


Then, there was a point of inflection that happened to me.


This morning, as I was going to work, I was involved in a car accident. It was at that moment that, I realized that my time here on this planet would be shorter than I want it to be. Fortunately, after going to hospital, I was told I don’t have any serious injuries. I have the next two days off from work and as I lay here in bed resting with my laptop all I could think about is how much I want to continue to help people with bettering their lives and make as much of an impact in this world as possible. I plan on getting most of my rest tonight and then tomorrow, the fun begins.


That being said, I have a few announcements.


I am looking for people interested in writing posts in the following categories:


Fashion (for men)


Dating (guest posts would be awesome)


I am not particularly looking for writing experience. I am looking for passion. If you really have a passion for these kinds of things and think you could contribute something special, then e-mail me and let’s work something out.


I am also going to open up another section that I believe is important to men, but that announcement will be made later in the week.


I also am accepting feedback on content and overall look of the site as well. I want to make your experience here as awesome as possible.


Feel free to click the What’s Up? link to your left or email me directly at


Once again, I thank you all and I look forward to giving you my best.