The Four Pillars of the Male Mind - Part 1

I have been watching a show that was on TV (but I never heard of it) and watched its entire series (2 Seasons) on YouTube. The show’s called Keys to the VIP: The Professional League for Players. The show’s premise is pretty simple.

Stick two guys in a bar with hidden cameras and they have to accomplish certain “goals” based on three different challenges. For example, one challenge is called Speed Dial. In this challenge, each guy has to try to get a woman’s number within a minute. After 3 challenges, the winner gets a night of bottle service at a nightclub in the city (haven’t figured out what city, yet). How are the winners determined?

Four guys review the challenges and provide color commentary and analysis of each player’s performance. These four guys are supposed to represent the corners of the male psyche. I prefer not to call it corners because there is a sense of restriction there and I don’t think these four “corners” represent the average male. But I do agree that we all possess these qualities in some way.

Here I am going to divide this into two articles so that you can get a good grasp on each one and not overwhelm yourself with information. Maybe, you can figure out which pillar dominates your mind the most.

So without further ado, here are the first two (2) of four (4) pillars of the male mind.

Pillar OneThe Asshole.

That is what everyone would generally describe this person. He is a douchebag and doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. He’ll say whatever, whenever, without any kind of filter or remorse. He has a distinct sense of humor some people can’t take. If he offends anyone, he’ll shrug it off and assume you know he’s kidding. We all know this but it can go a little deeper than that.

He would be considered a results-oriented kind of guy. He doesn’t care how the results are shown but anything less is unacceptable. He’s a decision-maker and doesn’t care if people follow. But people usually do end up following – and he knows that. That usually makes anything he does pretty deliberate. It's important to keep that in mind. He’s somewhat cold – almost cerebral. His level of shame is pretty low, but he’s does have a high level of respect for himself. It’s very rare to seem him fazed by a situation only because of his deliberate actions.

This is usually whom most guys hate because he’s the asshole that gets all the girls and yet, he acts like a total douche. What you need to realize is what’s going on around him is really what matters here.

The next time you go out, look for that guy and notice his persona. Does he seem to care? How laid-back does he look? How is he interacting with women? How is he touching them? How loud is he being right now? What is he wearing? What about him stands out?

All of these questions are important to discover what about him makes him so attractive to women. Yeah, he looks like an ass. But let me be specific on one thing. WOMEN DO NOT LIKE ASSHOLES. They clearly don’t want someone to be rude to them. If they do, chances are they may have some deeper issues. But what assholes are that you need to be is FUN, RELAXED and CAREFREE. Be a fun time – even if it is for that moment. If you can get women to enjoy your company and others see it, you just became attractive.

Attraction is exponential.

Pillar Twothe Artist

Notice those guys? Usually they have some type of artistic talent. Maybe they’re a painter or sculptor. Maybe they’re a music DJ. Architect? Web designer? Magician? Animator? A poet? Writer? Illusionist? Anything really that involves creativity is attractive. It makes him unique because not many people are able to do it and he somehow has been able to become a success from it. These guys can range from being the quiet, secret type, to the loud, social type. It depends on the profession. If he’s a DJ, a magician or anything that involves his face being in the public, he’s going to be that sociable person. I mean, it’s a part of his job. Other professions that are more “behind-the-scenes” tend to breed quieter people – but just quieter in voice. If he is creative, he will always have something to say. He provides that “outside-the-box” point of view that not many people will think about, but appreciate. He’s a natural risk taker because there is a certain risk when involved with creativity. He knows people may not agree with him, and that’s ok – he’s used to that and isn’t bothered.

With these guys, they can pretty much be pointed out by their style, what they say and how they’re saying it. There’s a certain seduction advantage these guys have just because they’re creative. I know, it may not make sense, but if you want to show a little seductive side, you should think creatively. Sounds ridiculous? Not good enough? Try this.

Slow your words down and make every word just as significant as the last. Everything you say should seem like it’s important. Help others find different perspectives to something (if they’re open to it). Artists work hard but they are very patient with what they have to do because they want it to be perfect and convey the right message. You do the same. The artist is a more difficult pillar to understand simply because, you have to have some type of creative element to your personal DNA (as in, you do one of those jobs I mentioned above). But the one thing that’s common with all artists is that they’re message is always expressed clearly.

In the next article, we will discuss the last two pillars and then figure out how you can maximize the strengths of each pillar regardless of what kind of person you are.

Stay tuned!