2014: The Year of Investment


What is an investment? Let’s look at the definition:

investment | inˈves(t)mənt | noun

an act of devoting time, money, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result

Now, let me ask you something serious.

When was the last time you seriously invested in yourself? And what was it?

I can tell you the last few things I invested in.

1. A year subscription to FitStar, a workout program app to exercise more
Feature: To exercise at home, or wherever I travel.
Benefit: To feel good and boost confidence.

2. Renewed subscription to FreshNeck, basically, the Netflix for ties.
Feature: get different pocket squares, bow ties, and cufflinks for my wardrobe.
Benefit: To look good and boost confidence.

3. Couple books from National Speaker Association
Feature: Learn more about the speaking industry.
Benefit: To get booked for speaking gigs, generate new income stream.

I invested in each of these things yesterday.

Before that, the last time I invested in myself was a couple weeks ago to help me better effectively run my business in 2014. I am constantly investing time, money, and resources into myself. It’s the only proven way to accomplish my goals and be the best person I can possibly be. And I plan to invest in myself even more in 2014.

It’s one thing to invest money into things that may or not give you a return, but when it comes to investing, there’s no better sure thing than investing in yourself. When I sent an email introducing the idea of investing in yourself more, I got a tweet that affirmed we think about it all the time.

Now it’s time to take action.

I like to share different perspectives that can challenge your current state, but you know I LOVE introducing strategies that WORK. For example, let’s talk a little about style.

For some of you, that means fashion and clothing — which is partly true — but that’s not what style is. Let’s go back to the dictionary:

style | stīl | noun

1. a manner of doing something
2. a way of behaving or approaching a situation that is characteristic of or favored by a particular person

Style is your way of telling people who you are and why you’re awesome. That alone is worth investing in — but what do you actually invest in? You can read more about style here

When you understand what style really is, you realize the investment has little with buying expensive clothes and more about how you express yourself. Knowing that will put you in the right direction for what to invest in to maximize your return. We’ll be getting into specifics later this month — specifically when it comes to style.

But for now, I’d like you to share with me here by asking the same question I did at the beginning of this post.

When was the last time you invested in yourself and what was it?

Thursday, I'll share with you what investing can in your love life will get you from a person who you never think would need the help.