How Long Does It Take to Get Married?

Credit: Life With Gene

Credit: Life With Gene

2.8 years

That comes to about two years, nine months, and two weeks. This number is reported by eHarmony, as they recently released stats on their now married users.

To be more specific, based on the stats, it takes about one year to find your match online and then 1.8 years to get married.

Whether or not it's "too long" is up for debate, but all of our clients who met their match and got married, did so in less than 2 years. For some people, saving that near extra year may be worth working with someone like us. But two things are certain.

  1. Online dating is a great supplement to your dating activity.
  2. It shouldn't be the ONLY source for your dating life (of course, with very specific exceptions)

I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts? Is 2.8 years too long? Too short? Just right? What are your current expectations of finding your match?