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Your Valentine's Day Cheat Sheet


I've found a few great resources for Valentine's Day for all of you last-minute wonders. Whether you're single, in a relationship, or complicated, there's  something here for you. Check out the links below.

The Valentine’s Day Formula For Success -- an article I wrote for couples and singles acknowledging the holiday as "the day for lovers."

The Procrastinator’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide -- suggestions by women for guys who wait until Valentine's Day to get a gift.

Looking for Love in All the Right Places -- a report that shows where more men and women are my major city. If there's an event or party going on tomorrow night in any gender-heavy areas, be there.

Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

It’s a known fact that men put too much pressure on themselves on this day. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the commercialization but can appreciate the significance of the day. 

Today, there are still guys who try to go above and beyond to impress their dates -- unknowingly setting expectations for future dates and holidays -- and above all, not knowing how to do it right.

The Ex-It Strategy

This is a guest post written by Sara Sharnoff.  Sara is currently finishing her Masters Degree in Family Therapy at the University of Massachusetts Boston.  After years of feeling let down because her life did not resemble a John Hughes movie, Sara decided to devote her time to studying couples and intimate relationships.  During her free time she loves to drink copious amounts of coffee, cheer on the Boston Celtics, and explore the gorgeous sights in New England.  She's here to share her perspective on relationships.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it often serves as a time for people to evaluate their current romantic relationship.  Couples spend hours choosing the perfect romantic restaurant, selecting a beautifully crafted card, and ensuring that their partner feels loved and adored.  Surely they don’t have time to think about anything, or anyone, else. Right? Right?

Oh, Valentine’s Day

As I’ve said before, I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person because it’s so commercialized. If I’m going to do something for my lady, I’m going to do it because I WANT to, never because I HAVE to. Having said that, there are guys out there who STILL feel the pressure of having to go over the top and buy gifts for their ladies. Most guys don’t even know what to get besides the usual flowers, candy and “let’s go to dinner at an expensive restaurant where they fill to capacity and it’s so loud, you can’t hear me and the food isn’t even that good anyway.”

Fortunately, Victoria’s Secret decided to do something a little different for all of the guys out there who were lost.

Last night, I had some free time and went down to the Secret store at Patriot Place at Gillette Stadium. Thanks to Gamestop, they had video game stations to play some of the latest and coolest games. Bar Louie was VERY nice to offer root beer, mini sliders, buffalo chicken bites and other goodies. Victoria’s Secret associates were there to help guys figure out what they wanted. I chatted with a few of them to find out how they viewed the "holiday."

They also gave me a couple cool ideas for the weekend. Unfortunately, I won’t be around for I’ll fill you in on the action.

I’ll have that info for you later today!

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