Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

It’s a known fact that men put too much pressure on themselves on this day. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the commercialization but can appreciate the significance of the day. 

Today, there are still guys who try to go above and beyond to impress their dates -- unknowingly setting expectations for future dates and holidays -- and above all, not knowing how to do it right.

We’ve been raised to go the typical route of, “I’ll just buy her flowers and candy, then take her to dinner at an expensive restaurant where they fill to capacity and it’s so loud, she can’t hear me and the food isn’t even that good anyway.”

Someone should never feel as though they HAVE to do something.

WANTING to do something is much more fulfilling -- and memorable.

And the key here is to make her feel special -- the same way you’ll be doing it the other 365 days this year, right?

So don’t worry, the Wingman’s got your back with some simple tips.

Be romantic. Valentine’s Day isn’t really about the idea of love. Women want you to be romantic, which is extremely attractive. The way to do this is to follow this simple idea: “Little things, big surprises.” 

The effort you put in to making it a personal experience (which doesn’t require you to spend lots of cash or go over the top), will make her much more happy simply because you’re not doing the same typical -- and lame things everyone else is.

Have a plan. Although, getting dinner reservations on this day of the year may be impressive, having to yell at each other across the table because it’s too loud isn’t.

Like I said before, it doesn’t have to be over the top. The important thing is that when setting it up, you were thinking specifically about her.

Be unique. If you can, create an experience that represents something only you would know about her. This is where the “little things” come in big time. 

Decide something unique for the two of you and make an experience out of it. You an cook (or even get a friend to cook for you), go to your favorite date spot or even stay in, light some candles, pop some champagne and snuggle up to your favorite romantic movie.

Flirt like crazy. Tell her how awesome she is and tease her like a schoolyard crush. Combine that will a little touch here and there and you have the ultimate formula for flirting. 

Part of being romantic is playing that “dance” of whether you two like each other. It was fun in middle school and it’s still fun today.

Remember, Valentine’s Day may be a day for romance, but don’t let the hype fool you. In reality, it’s just another day for you to show your lady how much you like her.

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