Some Twitter Fun

This morning one of my friends, David Gerzof, a professor at Emerson College, appeared on Fox Boston morning news to talk about who people should follow on Twitter. I'm excited to say I've made the list with friend, Steve Garfield, and potential friend, Chad Ochocinco.

I'm always on Twitter, interacting with people, giving quick 140-characted sized snippets of advice, and sharing interesting content I typically don't share here. I highly recommend you follow me on Twitter.

Just another value-add to your dating arsenal.

#wingtip | How to Find Love on Twitter

Here, I answer a question off of Formspring. Here's what she wrote:

"Say you are following someone on Twitter and overtime you start to have a little feelings or curiosity develop and want get to know them better. How can do that tactfully, if you're a female?"

What are your thoughts on the matter?

If you'd like to ask me a question, what are you waiting for?

Giving and Taking Series Introduction

This is a new series I'm starting and I’d like to thank my girlfriend for giving me the idea.

I think this is a great topic when it comes to building and maintaining relationships, especially with those you care about.

We all have had this thought that goes through our minds when it comes to how much we should give and how much we should take, preventing being a taken advantage of or being the one taking advantage.

Then on the flipside, disagreements or conflicts of interests can happen and there needs to be an appropriate resolution to move the relationship forward.

And yes, I do mean sometimes, doing things that we may not want to do necessarily. But I do believe that there is a good way to go about it where you won’t actually be in a position where you’ll be doing something you don’t want to do. It’ll require an open mind and a genuine interest in the other person.

Are you ready?

Here is the analogy that I am going to use. For this, I am going to thank Stephen Covey and his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. A great read it you want to learn about making your life and the relationships you have more efficient and more fulfilling.

In learning how to become more interdependent and taking on a bigger leadership role in my industry, my life and other’s lives, through this book, I learned the Six Paradigms of Human Interaction. Here they are:

Win/Win or No Deal

I am going to talk about each paradigm, the frame of mind that is necessary in order to get the result and why each one is good or bad to have in a relationship. I am very excited about this one as well.

Tomorrow, we will start with the best one, Win/Win and how it’s possible to get that result more times than you think, without compromising anyone’s value in the relationship.

So while you look forward to that beginning tomorrow, I am still going to share with you some content with you.

You can check out my TSBMagazine segment Ask Your Wingman where last week I answered some interesting questions and talked about things going on in my second job.

My consulting company, The Professional Wingman has been updated with services specifically designed for men and women and I also have a media page where you can see some panels that I have been on where I give some good stuff.

This past Friday I tried out giving away free Twitter consultation regarding dating and lifestyle. Judging by the response, it was a huge success! Thank you for all of the feedback and I believe it will be a nice weekly thing.

Also, I would like to get back on the live tip. Something that I am going to try is having a live forum jam on Friday at 6 PM on UStream. It will be mostly open forum where you can ask me any question you’d like about dating, lifestyle and fashion. To guarantee some structure to this jam, I will talk about approach anxiety and give you some free tips that you can use that night when you go out!

I’m pumped about this and I hope you are too. Just trying my best to give you all what you need!

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