Introducing LoveNation

For over a month, I have been working on a new project that has quickly become my baby. And now, after long days and even longer nights, I pleased to announce the debut of LoveNation.

LoveNation is a web show hosted by yours truly and Laurie Davis, the eFlirt expert. She’s an online dating coach that has quickly garnered attention in the dating industry. If you’re not following her on Twitter now, then you should. Here’s the show’s description:

In an evolving dating world, there isn't enough support for couples and singles in unique situations. LoveNation covers the emerging trends they face and gives tips to these up-and-coming crowds.

Every Tuesday, Laurie and I will talk about an emerging trend in the dating world and provide tips for couples and singles involved with that trend. From cougars to interspatial couples (men who are shorter than the women), we will cover them all. In each episode, we will also be answering a viewer email. If you’d like a question answered, just send it to us. You never know, it might just get answered on the show!

As an addition, every Thursday, Laurie and I will be doing a segment called He Said, She Said. giving our own unique perspectives on the same date topic. From meeting the parents, to when it’s appropriate to say the L word, both of us will give our unique perspective. My side will, of course, be from the male wingman point of view and hers will be from a female on-line perspective. Sometimes, we’ll agree, sometimes we won’t but either way,  both men and women will be able to get some quality tips from us.

Check it out and if you have any feedback to give, it would be greatly appreciated!

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