Style Series – Peacocking vs. Accentuating

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For years, people have been embracing the concept of peacocking and taking it to a whole different level. From what I remember, it started with Mystery.

He would wear ridiculous things such as a furry hat, goggles, a boa and paint his nails black. Clearly, the objective was to stand out among people at the bar.

Mind you this guy is 6’5”. It somehow worked. He stuck with it and began teaching others the art of peacocking.

Personally, I think that he continues to wear that nonsense now because it’s an association to his brand. Who he is and what he represents won’t be congruent if he doesn’t wear those things, unfortunately.

The point I'm making is he took a bunch of accessories and created a style for himself. Nowadays, you don’t need to wear goggles on your head to look different. Keep in mind my interpretation of what looks good may be different from another's.

But I’d like to think that you trust me enough to know what creates an attractive appearance.

If you are looking to do something about your wardrobe, find one accessory and let it be the thing that makes your outfit more stylish. For example, no one uses pocket squares. Starting using them.

When I used to dress up for work or an event and I knew I was wearing black, I would wear a shirt that would stand out, like a bright red or even the manly pink.

But honestly you can use anything to stand out. If you wear ties normally, there’s a chance to stand out. Hats, ties, sunglasses, scarves, your watch, shoes, socks, even your belt – they all give you a chance to add some personal flare.

A thing that I have noticed lately is that more people are going away from normal cap-toe shoes and going toward very pointy shoes (this trend may be going back to cap-toe). Also, another things that's different is substituting shoes for a fresh pair of Converse.

In the end, it’s a small thing can make you feel better about yourself, get an advantage over everyone else and appeal to more women.

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