limiting beliefs

Don’t Should All Over Yourself

This is Week 3 of the 2011 Dating and Lifestyle Kickstart Guide. Tuesdays, we cover the lifestyle aspect. If you missed it, here is week one's lifestyle component. Here is week two.

After a busy weekend with clients, I reached out to them for feedback and follow up, explaining next steps and what they need to focus on. Their reply was something I’ve found to be VERY familiar. 

“You’re right. I should do that. I know I should take more risks and approach more people.” 

It’s funny. You see, I know how much people use the word should based on their lack of using the word, but. Most people who will make an attempt to push themselves will admit the problem or make an excuse in hopes of finding or being given a solution. Others accept their shoulduation and don’t even bother to address the problem, let alone the solution.

People should on themselves all the time.