Elements of Communication: Element #1: Having an Opinion

Over the next several posts to make sure I generate some quality content here at Project Infinity, I am going to start a few new series. What each series will be about will generally be based on where my mind is at the time.

This first series will be about Elements of Communication.

Element #1: Having an Opinion

For the past several days I have seen tweets and been in discussion with family about how men tend not to speak up about certain things such as how they feel about something or where they would like to go on a date. You have NO idea how bad this makes you look, gentlemen. As nice as it may seem to you that you are considering her feelings about certain things, it actually does not benefit you – it hurts you. In fact, let it be considered a test.

Allow me to explain with this one question.

If you can’t be confident enough to be able to make a clear decision or opinion on something, how can she trust that you’ll be able to do the same for much more important things down the road?

Yes, it may be a first date, but most women are going on a first date in hopes for another one and this is one sure fire way to see if she’ll want to.

Think about it as men. How does it make you look that you can’t even decide where to take someone on a simple date? About as silly as someone having to build IKEA furniture…blindfolded. You know what I’m talking about.

It really doesn’t matter what your opinion is, as long as you are able to express it logically and stand by it. I personally love having discussions with people about things and we may not always agree but we can always leave a discussion respecting the other person’s opinion if presented well enough.

Beyond that, having an opinion and being firm about it is pretty attractive, considering many men out there have a hard time standing by their judgment calls for fear of criticism or rejection. The same goes with making a decision. Honestly, if you asked a woman out on a date, presented to her when and where the date will take place, what you’ll be doing and how she should dress, she’ll be relatively impressed, just by the sheer rarity of which that can occur. Plus, you seem so sure that she’ll have a good time, how can any woman truly resist wanting to go on that date?

A real man knows what he wants, is willing to express and not apologize for having feelings or an opinion. So don’t be afraid to speak up, gents. Women are looking for that.

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